In order to acquire access to the raider please take the following steps:
 - Create an account on the forum (
 - Log out of the account on the forum
 - Come to the raider frontpage (
 - Click the login link at the top of the page. It will redirect you to the forum, where you can now log in.
 - When you logged in (on the forum), go back to the raider.
 - You should now be logged in. However, you may still see naught more than this message. This means your account has not yet been verrified by the admins.

Please contact Incagnar, Thalya or Energycore with a request to activate your account. Only if you have successfully completed the above steps is this possible!

Once the administrator has confirmed your account, you will receive access to the forum.


Zusterke @ 05/05/13 - 06:20pm